DIY Arrowhead>>>

Rustic arrowheads are all the rage on Pinterest and on other home décor websites.  Whether you are boho chic or modern, you can find so many great arrow ideas to fit your space.  My advice is to choose a design that fits your current décor and scale.

I chose to go with a simple design to use some of the remaining wood we had lying around the house.  Since I used all materials we had, this project was $0!!!!

My Supplies:

  • A handy carpenter (my Husband)
  • Compound miter saw or miter box with saw
  • Drill
  • Hammer or rubber mallet
  • 1×4’s
  • Rocks
  • Wood stain
  • Mending plates (with ½” screws)
  • Toothed picture hanger

I had one 1×4 pine lumber board in our garage left over from a previous DIY project. To make larger, you can join two 1x4s for each arrowhead, or to mix it up, you can use 1×2’s for each arrowhead. I cut into 12” pieces with a 45 degree angle at each end.

image  image

I wanted to go with a rustic feel, but I did not have direct access to reclaimed wood, so I decided to distress the wood myself. I used a couple of different sized rocks and a hammer to mark up the wood. I recommend this for anyone who needs a stress reliever! Once I was comfortable with markings, I used a dark wood stain and left dry overnight. In the back center of each arrowhead, I installed a mending plate and a simple toothed picture hanger for easy hanging.

I went with a vertical arrow, but I have seen a horizontal direction too! I am so excited with the outcome of this project!!

image  image


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